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Ryan Kennedy
(314) 737-4837

Rob Durbin
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Joe Pullaro
Internet Sales Manager
(314) 737-5609

Joe Pullaro has been a loyal employee of Travers Automotive Group dealerships since 2004. He likes helping people and says, "This is not a job, it's my career, and I love what I do." Joe believes that if you put your customer's needs ahead of your personal greed, you have a better result than working on just one sale, and the compensation eventually  follows.  He added, "We are here to help everyone. We don't turn anyone away. The best feeling is when I help people who have been turned away at other dealerships." In his free time, Joe and his fiancé and their four children enjoy activities together as a family, like sporting events, movies, and Italian dinners on The Hill. Joe drives a Chrysler 300 SRT8, but admits that his dream car is a Lamborghini, because, "I'm Italian so I like Italian sports cars."  

John Carroll
Sales Consultant
(314) 737-4891

Duane Cowsette
Sales Consultant